Sunday, March 22, 2015

On Bees and Bunny-Drives

Spring gets nearer with every day, and it's time to start preparations for the new gardening season!

My Dad discovered mason bees back in 2012. He made his first "hive" in September, so a bit too late, but still some of the tunnels were occupied.  In spring 2013 we had already 4 beehives made from pieces of wood with 8mm holes.

Pretty neat, right?
This year, Dad decided to go pro:

Two empty compartments on sides of the brick, were later filled with natural clay. This one was made for my brother's garden, now another is being made for Mom's special order.

If you wonder how does a mason bee look like.. well capturing their image is really hard. They're smaller and faster than normal bees. This is the closest I got to taking a picture of a mason bee:

And there's always Wikipedia, right?

Now about my newest "invention"... The Bunny-Drive! 
Last Wednesday we went to look up Play Station 3 prizes in local shops. Those nice 8GB pen drives were on sale:

The problem is it is so tiny! So I thought of way to make it bigger, more... prominent and festive :)
Here's the Bunny-Drive!

There are 8 scs in first row, 6 in second (first and last were skipped) and ears are made on 8 chain basis, with sc in 2nd ch and hdcs all the way down. I embroidered the nose and drew eyes with a permanent marker.

Now I'm back to enjoin my Sunday evening with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag along with matching coconut&pineapple muffins.

Fair winds!
... and a nice evening :)


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