Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prolonged Blue Monday Syndrome.

You've probalby heard about Blue Monday? It's the saddest day of whole year due to psychological, meteorological and financial reasons. I seems my Blue Monday turned into Blue Week or even Blue January. Spring turned back to short, dark, cloudy and wet days. My pile of undone work seems to grow rapidly... I still have to take 2 major exams and some minor assesments, and I  have already run out of most of my enthusiasm and vigor.

For now I take comfort only in knitting my second biggest toy project.

Throwback Thursday fact:
The biggest toy so far, and also the first complete kintted item I ever made was Hindenburg the Pig completed in February 2005 (or 2006). I just now realised it's 10 years old! He was a lucky charm  for my class during our exam in junior high in 2006. My classmates called him Bacon :)

My sister got me a copy of a pattern. I cannot find the name of the book it was published in. There's just too many pig patterns out there. It was a simple garter stitch desing, with increases and derceases on sides only and therefore it was perfect for me as a begginer. I ran out of yarn 4-5 cm before the end and had to finish it with another shade of pink. This is when I learned that filling is very VERY importaint when it comes to toys. I stuffed it with sponge recycled from an old coushion. That's why it's surface is bumpy - sponge was cut into small pieces. And that's also why it smelled funny. Just last year I ripped it open, had it washed and filled it with fiber-fill from... another coushion. Shortly after his "rebirth" Hindenburg was adopted by my niece.

Hindenburg aka Bacon in all his piggy glory!

Aaanway. Back to my Mysterious Pink Thing. It's going really good, I finished the worst part which (at least for me) is embroidery work, and partially stuffed it. I must keep it secret for two more weeks though. Ruining birthday surprises is uncool!
Here's antoher sneek peek, this time with my beloved Pony Wool Needles! I hate sewing and embroidering, but those needles make it a lot less painful :)

Untill next time!
Have a nice evening!


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