Friday, January 9, 2015

Unfinished Buisness - the Walk of Shame.

Every knitter/crocheter knows this, right? I can't be the only one to have a stockpile of WIPs.
My Ravelry notebook doesn't show it that much, because I usually delete unfinished items to clear my conscience.

Let's take a walk of shame, shall we:

  • Crocheted cardigan - it was supposed to be my first serious project. I bought a magazine for crocheters, I even got a package of YarnArt Jeans for my birthday... an failed to go beyond the first half of first sleeve.

  • African flower bolster - I ran out of patience after 15th hexagon, It's not my fault that no one produces bolsters that small! Really!

  • Wedding stole - my first attempt on lace knitting, I abandoned the project whem I changed my dress idea. No regrets here, my wedding day was way to hot and sunny for alpaca.

  • Big woolish something - I found a big package of "natural" wool. Apparently not all yarn producents are honest people. Did you know that "pure wool" melts when set on fire?
  • My great desing - I wanted to make  a cool shrug. I ended up with ball of yarn I cannot untangle. How and when did that happen since I do not own a cat? No ideas...

  •  Rosina - getting stuck after first sleeve is a curse of mine, I also was pretty disappointed in the edging, and vision of frogging the entire bottom made me lose my enthusiasm completely.

  • What was that supposed to be I don't even recall...

That's not all of course. There's my green shawl. big green sweater, some unfinished Gojira desing...
Oh, and there's an exam I should be studying for right now, but I can't focus on one topic, and try to read them all at once... I hope it will not end up as my WIP forever :)

Have a nice day everyone*!


*as far as I know "everyone" right now refers to my sister, and  husband - thank you! :P

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