Sunday, January 25, 2015

"When covered in snow, everything looks nice on pictures!"

Since I (still) can't write about my progress on Misterius Pink Thing I want to share some pictures I took today. I went for a long nice winter walk today with my husband. It must have been snowing all night long. Sky is still gray and sunlight seems dim even at midday.

We visited nearby park, which is really more a forest edge with paths and benches. Very cozy-looking benches I must admit:

It's amazing how easily you can forget that you're in the middle of Upper Silesian Industrial Region a home for almost 3mln inhabitans. My neighbourhood is almost surrounded forests and from time to time half-domesticated wild boars give us some trouble. 

Sadly I forgot to take some breadcrumbs for local ducks, so we just stop by and watched them for a couple of minutes. They quacked really loud, and made whistling noises so it's probably their mating season right now. Maybe there weren't hungry after all :)

It's funny how they managed to make paths in ice across whole pond. Like tiny ice breakers!

I finally took a picture of my husband's hat that I made in November. I will have to sit down and work on a pattern soon. 

Have a nice, snowy afternoon! 


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