Thursday, January 29, 2015

Taking an evening off.

Yay! Just two exams left to go... I took an evening off today. I got some work done  Finished the main part of Mysterious Pink Thing, as well as playing Mass Effect Trilogy. That last thing made me rather uncheerful for the rest of tonight.

There's also something new going on!
While I was putting my dress back to the wardrobe I stumbled upon a package stored in the corner. I almost forgot about my bolster coushions I purchased in Ikea in October!

I started designing a knitted cover for them. The yarn I used for my Autumn Mess project works up quite nice, but it leaves lots of tiny fibers on clothes when worn. That's why I decided to use what's left of it for my bolsters. I thought about making 2 slanting cables on each bolster. Since I'm ambitious and too proud to look up other people solutions... it may take me some time :)

Can't wait to see how will it turn out!

And speaking of new things: my Bloglovin' profile

Have a lazy evening!


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